Hi Marlins,

FIRST – please make sure the emails from are not going to your trash 🙂

We are getting plenty of questions today from people who have seen our post advising which age groups have been closed off due to full teams. Our registration reminders have also been posted on the same socials so it is unfortunate that it has slipped some peoples minds over the last few months.

For our returning players each season – the system is set to automatically remind you by email when registrations open for the following season. You get an opportunity to register, tick it off the list and not pay until the start of the next season. We encourage everyone to calendar it for next season and get in early – it makes it really hard for us to know how many teams to enter in the comp, to know if we have enough stock (in shorts, socks, shirts, jerseys) and extra difficult for the association to start trying to set the matches for the season if we are trying to add whole new teams in the same month competition is starting (and sometimes AFTER comp has started).

FOR NOW – the players that have missed out can complete the expression of interest option that will come up when you try to register to a full age group. Our core registration team spent a few hours yesterday trying to set numbers and teams – if there is enough extras on the waitlist, we will review this weekend to see where we can fit extra teams and check that we have enough gear.

We are also getting plenty of requests about playing up in age groups. PLEASE UNDERSTAND that the general rule under NSWRL Policy is that your child pays in their natural age group wherever possible. Requests to play up can only be considered once we have the teams set in place UNLESS there is a very special circumstance and the committee can be confident your child is capable enough to not get hurt if we let them apply to play up. Please help us encourage our kids to make new friends through sport, it helps them grow and engage socially – we will not be able to grant the majority of requests about playing up.

The team is trying hard but we cannot always answer individual queries, especially immediately – please remember we are all volunteers and like many of you we are juggling families, work, sports, households and so on. We are getting heaps of questions about training – our current schedule may have to change if we bring in more teams – BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY – we need coaches and trainers and managers registered before we can let you start sessions, so please let Brooke know if you are having trouble getting that sorted or if you are keen to come on board as a new volunteer for the 2022 season.

Thanks everyone – we thank you in advance for your patience while we help sort out these requests.
Nelson Bay Junior Rugby League Executive Committee




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